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Some Final Fantasy XIV Goods For You?

Square Enix begins goods sales for recently released MMORPG.


Like it or not, at some point you're going to have to turn off the computer and stop playing Final Fantasy XIV.

But you won't have to totally clear your mind of Square Enix's latest MMORPG. Just pick up a few of these newly released goods.

First up, a ¥2,000 stuffed animal version of FFXIV's Moogle Kuplu Kopo.

Here we have two posters from art director Akihiko Yoshida, each ¥1,000.

Finally, a set of Guildleve straps. In FFXIV, Guildleves are "passes" that are given to adventurers when they take on quests. The passes give you access to restricted areas and grant use of portals for quick travel across the land.

The strap versions have a stained glass design. Each one goes for ¥1,700.

All of these products are available now.

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