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Tactics Ogre (viewing app) hits iPhone/iPad

You can't play Tactics Ogre, but you can view artwork for it!


Square Enix seems intent on using iPhone/iPod touch and iPad to promote its releases for other systems. Final Fantasy XIII got a viewing app. So did Dragon Quest and Advent Children.

Now you can check out Tactics Ogre on your iPhone and iPad via the Tactics Ogre: Unmei no Wan Special Promotion Appli. Released on the 22nd, this free app includes music samples, character and tarot card illustrations, basic details on the game, and the recently released Tactics Ogre trailer.

The Special Promotion Appli is not a game itself. If you want to play Tactics Ogre rather than look at related resources, you'll need to wait for the PSP version, which is due on 11/11.

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