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Albert Odyssey, Commando, Faxanadu Hit Virtual Console Next Month

And that's pretty much it!


Nintendo updated its Virtual Console lineup page today with a look at what's due out for the service in October.

At present, just three games are on the way:

  • Faxanadu (Hudson, Famicom, 500 WiiPoints)
  • Albert Odyssey (Sunsoft, Super Famicom, 800 WiiPoints)
  • Commando (Capcom, Arcade, 800 WiiPoints)

Additional games are often added the week prior to their release, so check the calendar throughout the month.

This month saw its last two releases last week through Square Enix's Romancing SaGa 3 and Capcom's Exed Exes. Earlier in the month, the service saw Hang-On from Sega, Shin Megami Tensei II from Atlus and Sonson from Capcom as the publisher's first Virtual Console arcade release.

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