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Trinity Zill O'll Zero Gets Two Demos

But no Xbox 360 port or Move support, says producer.

Gamers try out Trinity at Tecmo Koei's Tokyo Game Show booth last week. The TGS demo will be available for download next month as the first of two demos.

Tecmo Koei's much delayed PS3 exclusive RPG Trinity Zill O'll Zero is now back on track for a November 25 release. But you won't have to wait until then to play it.

During a Q&A session at a recent blogger event, producer Akihiro Suzuki revealed plans for a couple of downloadable demos. The game's Tokyo Game Show demo will be available for download in the third week of October. Following this, another demo, offering a sampling of RPG and action elements, will hit in the second week of November.

Hino also shared a few additional bits about the game with attending bloggers.

Download Content is on the way for the game. Tecmo Koei plans costumes, quests, dungeons and more.

Trinity is not currently planned to support PlayStation Move or 3D output. Regarding 3D, however, Suzuki said that future Omega Force titles have a strong possibility for support. The person who asked this question noted that Omega Force showed a 3D version of Dynasty Warriors 6 at the show.

There are no plans for an Xbox 360 port. Said Suzuki, "From the start, this title was developed for PlayStation 3. We had no plans from the start to develop for other platforms."

Suzuki also said that the game was made from scratch and does not use the same engine as the Musou series.

On the topic of a sequel, Suzuki said there are currently no plans. However, the game has been developed to allow for a sequel.

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