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Turn Your Wii Into an Observatory

Hudson's latest WiiWare title hits tomorrow.


Hudson's WiiWare development team is moving out of the waters and up to the skies. Following February's Aqua Living, Hudson will be bringing Planetarium to the Wii Shopping Channel tomorrow.

Planetarium is, just as the name would suggest, a planetarium on your Wii. It allows you to view virtual depictions of the sky as you search for stars and constellations that interest you. You can also learn about the history of specific constellations and stars.

The title has three modes:

Sky Observation
Freely view the night sky, using the Wiimote to make the sky scroll and for selecting stars. You can also select to view the skies in specific areas of the world. On the presentation side, you can toggle constellation lines and art on and off, and set different background music. Shake the Wiimote, and you'll get to see a shooting star.
Planetarium Mode
This mode consists of 11 learning programs, teaching such things as the history and mythology of the constellations and stars. Three of the programs are presented in full voice.
Sky Field Guide
Use this mode to search for specific objects and astronomy terms. You'll find 88 constellations, 110 star clusters and nebula, and more. This mode is linked with the Sky Observation mode. If you seen an item of interest in that mode, you can jump directly here for more details.

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