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Real Chibiterasu Shows Up at Okamiden Blogger Event

Or maybe it's just the dog from the commercials... whatever.


Capcom gathered bloggers (who are these people?) for a "Blogger Meeting" event on the 25th at Dog Cafe With (their slogan is: "with dog, with eat, with drink, with relax, with enjoy").

The event was for Okamiden, the upcoming DS sequel to Okami which is due for release on the 30th. And guess who showed up?

That's right, it's the son of the sun goddess Amaterasu and main character of Okamiden, Chibiterasu!

Actually, that's just Maron-chan, the dog who will be subbing for Chibiterasu (who's obviously busy with promotional work) in the game's upcoming commercial. The commercial is set to theme song Hanataba ("Bouquet") from Kii Kitano, who will be starring alongside Maron-chan.

You can see pics of those commercials, and more pics from the blogger event, at 4gamer, which is where the above pictures are from.

Here are a few visual portrayals of Chibiterasu so that you can see how closely Maron-chan resembles the real thing.

Joining the Chibiterasu lookalike at the event was someone who looks nothing like Chibiterasu, Okamiden producer Motohide Eshiro! Eshiro shared a few details on the game with 4gamer.

We can expect 25 to 30 hours of play time, said Eshiro. He believes that, for a DS game, there's quite a bit of content.

A good amount of focus has been placed on delivering drama. Scenario writer Yukinori Kitajima put his full effort into creating scenarios for each of the game's various partner characters. Eshiro wanted to make it so that the partner characters weren't just parts, but were true partners or sidekicks.

Asked what areas caused difficulty during development, Eshiro said that pretty much everything was difficult, but bringing the visuals over from the PS2 to DS was particularly trying. The sound component was also difficult, as the original Okami was highly praised for its sound.

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