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Square Enix Does Soccer With "Samurai Eleven"

Free soccer sim available for mobile platforms today.


Winning Eleven? Inazuma Eleven? Forget that! Square Enix has got "Samurai Eleven."

Square Enix released Samurai Eleven today to the Mobagetown mobile service. The game is compatible with DoCoMo, au and Softbank sets that are Flash Lite 2.0 ready.

Samurai Eleven is a soccer simulation. You create a team consisting of four players: a forward, a middle fielder, a defender and a goal keeper. You build up the team by selecting items from a "practice" menu, earning skills that can be used during matches. The game offers over 150 skills.

Your goal is to claim the crown in the top "samurai" league, advancing from city, region, and national leagues. Your team faces off against other players in three matches per day. After three days of such matches, those with higher records advance on to a more advanced league.

Square Enix is giving the game some expected Mobagetown features, including a social element where you work with other players for cooperative practice and cooperative boss team matches. As with many Mobagetown games, the game is free to download and play, with some items incurring charge. The game will also see periodic updates adding new features.

Visit the official site for a closer look.

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