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Hot Mom Diet Expert Gets a Wii Game

Jung Da-Yeon is much, much cuter than Billy.


Jung Da-Yeon was born in 1966. This is what she looks like today:

The Korean diet trainer is 44 years old and has two kids, but you wouldn't know it by looking at her! That's why she has a best selling dieting book, and a new Wii game from IE Institute.

Mom-chan Diet Wii Figureobics by Jung Da-Yeon is a Wii conversion of Da-Yeon's book Mom-chan Diet Premium. The Wii version includes over 30 exercises, camera control for getting a better view of the instructor, and personal data management tools for storing weight, BMI and other stats.

Look for the hot Korean mom on your Wii this December for the low price of ¥3,990.

Better get the most out of Da-Yeon, though. The real Wii exercise program is coming in March.

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