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Monster Hunter Portable 3rd: The Memory Stick

Cover beast Jin Ogre appears as artwork on an official 4 gig stick.


Just in case the specially designed Monster Hunter Portable 3rd PSP system, shown above, isn't Monster Hunter-enough for you, Capcom has a way of adding a bit of Monster Hunter to the system's internals.

Simultaneous with MHP3rd's December 1 launch, Capcom will release a special Monster Hunter themed Memory Stick Pro Duo. The item has Monster Hunter Portable 3rd branding both on its packaging and on the stick itself, which features artwork of cover monster Jin Ogre.

The four gig stick will run you ¥3,129. For your willingness to pay a preposterous ¥800 per gigabyte unit memory, you'll find a Monster Hunter Portable 3rd custom theme pre installed.

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