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Fumito Ueda Talks Last Guardian, Ico and Shadow With Dengeki

A few bits on Team Ico's upcoming projects.

The Last Guardian was the talk of Tokyo Game Show despite being video-only.

This week's Dengeki PlayStation has a brief interview with Fumito Ueda regarding Shadow of the Colossus, ICO and The Last Guardian. The details have leaked out in advance of the magazine's street date and were summarized at this blog.

Regarding The Last Guardian, Ueda said that he believes the Tokyo Game Show trailer was able to show realistic animal-like movements of the massive Torico creature. However, there are some areas where he's not satisfied with the variation, so he expects the quality to improve further.

As Ueda has said in past interviews, Torico will move of his own accord. However, they're making it so that you'll be able to issue simple directions to him. Torico has likes and dislikes (I'm not sure if this refers to just food or to other things as wel), and you can use these to guide him.

The boy and Torico will see their relationship deepen as the game progresses.

As for gameplay systems and so forth, Ueda wouldn't share specifics, saying that there isn't anything he can promise at this point as the gameplay areas could be changing in order to improve quality and make the game more enjoyable.

Fans of Team Ico should be pleased with one particular comment from Ueda, though. He said that he's aiming for something similar to ICO, so there won't be any clear on-screen gauges, and the controls will be kept from being too complicated.

On the ICO and Shadow of the Colossus remakes, Ueda told Dengeki that the original plan was to just make the games HD, but progress was going better than expected so they felt that they could also add 3D support.

They were able to add the 3D support without any difficulty. They're currently making adjustments regarding how much to show things coming out of the screen and going into the screen.

As Ueda said during the Tokyo Game Show unveiling, Shadow was originally envisioned with 3D support, so he believes it extends naturally to 3D. For ICO, he believes the 3D does a good job of showing the depth of the fortress.

ICO gets a big jump in visuals in its move to the PlayStation 3.
Shadow of the Colossus will benefit from a locked 30 frames per second frame rate. Ueda also says the game was originally visioned with 3D support.

For both titles, the main focus is on the HD and 3D support. However, they're also adding Trophy support and are "brushing up" areas where the originals had quality issues.

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