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Pokemon Typing Comes With a Wireless Keyboard

Nintendo Wireless Keyboard to be bundled with every copy.


I was so excited about the mere announcement of Pokemon Typing DS that I forgot one important thing: how is a DS game supposed to teach you how to type?

The answer is: the "Nintendo Wireless Keyboard." Pokemon Co. will be bundling a keyboard in with each copy of the game.

As far as I can see, they haven't provided any images of the keyboard yet, but here's what the game looks like:

The game is set up like a typing battle with Pokemon. As you run about courses set in forests, on the beach, in caves, and in other such locations, you'll face off in typing battles against hundreds of different types of Pokemon new and old. Pokemon Co. has thus far mentioned Pikachu, Zoroa and Vicinty.

Pokemon Typing DS is due for 2011 release.

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