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Metal Gear Solid 3DS Due in Spring

Konami shares new screens for 3DS revival of classic Metal Gear Solid.

Konami shared a fresh batch of media today at Nintendo's 3DS press briefing.

Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater got its final name back at the Tokyo Game Show. Today, coinciding with announcements at Nintendo's Nintendo Conference 2010 press event, Konami announced a Spring release time frame for the game.

The company also shared a few additional screens and details. Snake Eater is a "revival" of Metal Gear Solid 3 on the 3DS. It will feature 3D visuals and expanded gameplay elements that make use of the 3DS's portable nature.

Screenshots show Snake in a confrontation with The Boss. Take a look here:

The Snake Eater official site was updated today with a video showing realtime footage taken directly off the 3DS hardware.

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