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Nintendo 3DS -- First Party Game Screens

Zelda, Kid Icarus, Nintendogs, Paper Mario and more get fresh media blasts.


Nintendo has shared some official media for its upcoming lineup of first party 3DS titles. While none of the games have release dates and most of the games are still with tentative titles, you can at least get an image of what first party titles you'll be playing when the 3DS hits next year.

Nintendogs + Cats

Genre: Communication, Player Count: 1 -- Kittens appear in this game for the first time. You'll interact with the kittens differently from the puppies, and you'll also get to see kittens and puppies interact with one-another. Your virtual pets will lick you if you bring your face close to the screen.

Pilotwings Resort

Genre: Flight Action, Player Count: 1 -- This is set in the same island resort as Wii Sports Resort. You take control of your Mii and enjoy sky sports in planes, rocket belts and hang gliders. The game includes Mission Flight, which challenges you with events, and a Free Flight mode, where you freely fly through the island.

Star Fox 64 3D

Genre: Shooting, Player Count: 1-4 -- a 3D version of Star Fox 64. The characters now speak in full voice. The game also has auto save, and makes things easier for unskilled shooters by allowing you to retry from midpoints as much as you want. You view the action on the top screen, with the bottom screen showing character messages.

Steel Diver

Genre: Action, Player Count: 1-2 -- Enjoy three different types of submarine games. There's a scroll action game where you move forward while controlling the touch panel. There's an action game where you use your periscope to shoot torpedos at enemy ships. There's also a turn-based strategy game.

Kid Icarus

Genre: Shooting, Player Count: 1 -- A 3D sooting game with 3 control types. You attack with the L button, move and evade with the analogue pad, and aim with the touch screen. You'll switch off between ground and air play.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

Genre: Action Adventure, Player Count: 1 -- A 3DS version of Nintendo 64's Ocarina of time. The lower screen shows your sub screen at all times, making equipping items and such more convenient.

Animal Crossing

Genre: Communication, Player Count 1-4 -- The latest entry in the Animal Crossing series retains the premise of allowing you to experience life in a village. The game adds a new element where you become the village head and create your own village. The graphics promise to retain the look of the series while delivering a 3D feel.

Paper Mario

Genre: RPG, Player Count 1 -- The theme this time is stickers. You'll need to place stickers on the maps that float like paper crafts on the screen. The stickers are used to open up new paths. There's also a battle system where your failure or success depends on the stickers you've selected.

Mario Kart

Genre: Action Race Game, Player Count: TBA -- This latest entry in the Mario Kart series promises 3D visuals, and dynamic and impactful races. You'll be able to race friends and people throughout the world via wireless and internet play.

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