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Sega Plans Six for 3DS in 2011

First up, Super Monkey Ball 3D!


Sega has a bunch of 3DS games on the way. How many is a bunch? In this case, six!

The company provided a glimpse at its lineup of games for the 3D portable today. Six Sega titles are on the way for the platform by the end of fiscal 2011 (that's March 31, 2012). Of these, we know two: Super Monkey Ball 3D and Sonic. And of these, Sega only shared details today on one: Monkey Ball.

This latest entry in the Super Monkey Ball franchise, which Sega said has sold 5.5 million units worldwide, promises 3D visuals and a more direct control approach via the system's 3D slide pad and motion sensor. In addition to the main Monkey Ball mode of play, where you roll a ball, housing a monkey inside (hence the name), to a goal, you'll also find two wireless modes: Monkey Race and Monkey Fight. These are both powered up versions of past modes.

Super Monkey Ball 3D, currently operating under a tentative name, will see Japanese, North American and European release in Spring 2011.

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