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Chocobo Leads Square Enix 3DS Lineup

RPG giant has Chocobo Racing and Puzzle Bobble on the way.


Square Enix announced franchises like Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy for 3DS back at E3. While the 3DS version of Kingdom Hearts did get some mention at today's Nintendo Conference 2010 event in video comments shared by Tetsuya Nomura, Square Enix provided actual looks at just two games, both currently flagged as release date TBA.

Chocobo Racing 3D

The Chocobo series comes to 3DS with 3D chocobos. You select a character, each with unique capabilities, then challenge missions that include such objectives as collecting particular items.

During play, you select spells and items from the bottom screen. Screenshots show support items like "level up" and spells like "Meteor." The game appears to include support for at least four players, and it seems that some items will cover all players in your group.

The game will have a variety of maps. Square Enix says that you may recognize some of the locals.

Tobidasu! Puzzle Bobble 3D

This 3D take on the Puzzle Bobble (aka Bust a Move) series has the same basic rules -- shoot out bubbles, making groups disappear by lining up at least three like-colored bubbles. Starting with a stage set on Earth, you'll head off on a tour of the solar system. The game also includes an "Endless" mode where you attempt to clear bubbles that continually appear.

Of course, the action is now in 3D. The game features all new "Gimmick Bubbles" which make use of the 3D effect.

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