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Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon, Driver Lead Ubisoft 3DS Lineup

French publisher has major series on the way for Spring 2011 release.


Coinciding with Nintendo's 3DS press conference today, Ubisoft provided an updated look at its 3DS lineup. The games were all previously announced outside of Japan, but they're now official for Japanese release.

The publisher has four titles on the way:

Combat of Giants Dinosaur 3D

Release time frame: Spring 2011, Genre: adventure, Player count: 1. Following a great calamity on ancient earth, your goal is survival as you fight other dinosaurs, raise your battle strength and attempt to become the dinosaur king, perhaps even taking on the evil dinosaurs who've taken control of the planet. Outside of combat, you'll also be able to explore the jungle, with screens showing control of a tyrannosaurs.

Ghost Recon Tactics

Release time frame: Spring 2011, Genre: Strategy, Player count: 1. A turn-based tactical strategy game where you control the Ghost Recon special forces squad in combat against Russia. You'll need to raise your group's level and make proper equipment arrangements, as you face off against enemy troops, drones and weapons on the battle field.

Splinter Cell 3D

Release time frame: Spring 2011, Genre: Stealth Action, Player count: 1. Take control of Sam Fisher in this version of Chaos Theory. The game shows mission targets and information using 3D text. Outside of 3D gameplay, you'll also find 3D movies used to advance the story.

Driver 3D

Release time frame: Spring 2011, Genre: Action Driving, Player count: 1.

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