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Nintendo Expects 4 Million 3DS Systems This Year

Company lowers hardware and software sales expectations for the year.


Joining its downward sales and earnings revisions from earlier today, Nintendo shared updated hardware sales forecasts for all its systems. Included is a first indication of what Nintendo expects in terms of sales from the 3DS.

For the current fiscal term ending March 31, 2011, Nintendo expects to sell 4 million 3DS system. It anticipates software sales of 15 million for the system.

Other systems got downward revisions. Nintendo expects to sell 17.5 million Wii systems, down from the original 18 million forecast. Its Wii software forecast fell from 165 million to 135 million.

Nintendo now expects to sell 23.5 million DS systems, down from the original 30 million forecast. For 3DS software, it expects sales of 125 million units, down from the original 150 million forecast.

Nintendo's DS figures for both software and hardware include the 3DS figures.

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