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Square Enix's Hajime Tabata Wants Before Crisis Final Fantasy VII on 3DS

But the 3rd Birthday and Final Fantasy Agito XIII director is too busy with current projects.

The Turks feature in the cell phone exclusive Before Crisis Final Fantasy VII.

The 3rd Birthday and Final Fantasy Agito XIII director Hajime Tabata celebrated today's flood of 3DS announcements by speculating on a game he'd like to bring to the system.

Wrote Tabata at The 3rd Birthday Twitter earlier today, "If I were to make something for 3DS, I suppose it would be a remake of Before Crisis Final Fantasy VII. I'd redo the scenario structure and game design for the 3DS. I think I'd like to make an action RPG BCFF7 where a large number of Turks players play simultaneously."

He noted that this is not official Square Enix talk. But he added that he's not alone in his desire for a remake. Both Tetsuya Nomura and Yoshinori Kitase are interested in doing a remake if given a chance.

Regardless of internal interest, Tabata suggested that we treat this for now as just his ambition rather than something that will actually happen, as he's busy with other projects now. Tabata said that he currently has no time to sleep during the weekdays because of his work on Agito and The 3rd Birthday.

Even though Tabata is working on two of Square Enix's biggest upcoming portable titles, he hasn't seen the 3DS for himself. Following the release date announcement earlier today, he wrote that because he hasn't seen the system yet, he was receiving all today's information with the same freshness as other gamers. He later clarified that the reason all the info is new to him is because he's been busy with his own titles. Also, because he's been working on portable games for the longest time, he's really interested in making an HD game next.

That HD game could very well be an HD sequel to The 3rd Birthday. The 3rd Birthday staff wants to make the next entry in the series for HD platforms, Tabata wrote, reiterating past comments from himself and Nomura. He noted, however, that if they were to make an HD game, they'd want it to be a top level title, similar to how The 3rd Birthday is at the top level of PSP games. This, of course, would require a big investment. Getting such investment will depend on The 3rd Birthday showing that that the series has a future.

Which presumably means lots of work and more sleepless weekdays for Tabata. By the time 3DS comes out next year, he will have finished work on The 3rd Birthday, so he'll hopefully have a chance to try the system for himself and flesh out any ideas he might have for a Before Crisis remake.

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