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A Few Bits on Super Mario Collection Special Pack

Nintendo CEO takes a few moments at press conference to highlight anniversary plans.

A slide from today's press briefing.

Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata took some time at today's Nintendo Conference 2010 press briefing to outline the company's plans for the Super Mario Bros. 25th anniversary. While the Famicom classic officially turned 25 on September 13, Nintendo will be celebrating over the coming months with some major product releases.

The 25th Anniversary logo.
The original Super Mario Bros. packaging.

As previously announced, the big commemorative release for the anniversary is Super Mario Collection Special Pack. This Wii title is just Super Mario Collection, the Japanese version of Super Mario All-Stars, on a Wii disc. But Nintendo has included some sweet bonus goodies, including a soundtrack and a booklet.

Iwata provided a few additional details on the two bonuses. The soundtrack will have 10 music pieces, covering the original Super Mario Bros. through Mario Galaxy 2, along with sound effects and more. The 32 page booklet will briefly explain Super Mario's history and will show unreleased materials, including planning sheets for the original title that were handwritten by Shigeru Miyamoto himself.

A closeup look at the packaging.

The Special Pack will hit on October 21, priced at ¥2,500. It will be available only through January 10, 2011. Nintendo will produce and ship the product through that date as demand requires.

The other big anniversary product shown at the event was a surprise. Iwata announced a special Super Mario 25th edition of the DSi LL system. This will arrive on October 28, priced ¥18,000, the standard DSi LL going price.

You can read further details on the special DSi LL in this story.

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