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Gmode Brings First RPG to DSi Ware

Sepas Channel has an eye catching art style and unique premise to download service.


Gmode released what it says is its first RPG to DSi Ware yesterday. DSi and DSi LL players can now download Sepas Channel for 500 DSi Points.

In Sepas Channel, you play as four main characters, advancing through a story set in the closed off Sunshine City and centered on a radio broadcast from a mysterious DJ named Sepas-chan. The four characters have lost their memories, and your adventure involves seeking out their identities while also searching for the truth behind some strange occurrences that are taking place in Sunshine City.

You advance through the game by switching off between these four characters, referred to as "channels." You'll need to use the channel change feature to get past some obstacles that can only be cleared by certain characters. You'll be able to build up the characters by distributing points to such parameters as attack strength, defense, speed and mental strength. Even after distributing the points, you can redistribute them to change your character's abilities when the upcoming battle calls for it.

Visit the game's official site for additional screens.

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