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Love Plus Set for 3DS

Manaka introduces the next step for Konami's girlfriend simulation.

A conceptual image for Love Plus 3DS.

Back at the Tokyo Game Show, Love Plus producer Akari Uchida promised a major upcoming announcement for the series, even after he'd just formally announced a Love Plus arcade medal game featuring 3D girlfriend projections. The big announcement came today at Nintendo's Nintendo Conference 2010 press event as Uchida unveiled a 3DS installment in the Love Plus series.

The new game, referred to as "Project Love Plus for Nintendo 3DS," promises to make full use of the system's 3D screen, touch screen, mic, camera, gyro sensor and network capabilities to make players feel a deeper connection to a more appealing girlfriend. The girls will be able to remember your face, and you'll be able to freely play in horizontal or vertical "tate" mode.

Uchida and other related parties delivered a message about the new game at a newly opened teaser site.

Uchida said to expect more robust wireless functionality, allowing for better player to player communication. He mentioned a couple of examples of how the game could use the system's StreetPass mode. Girlfriends could use StreetPass to tell rumors to one another. Additionally, it could be possible to build up a city based off data collected through StreetPass.

Character Designer Mino Taro said that the game's character designs are all being refreshed for the new game, and the staff is working on delivering improved visuals. Due to the ability to show more detailed facial expressions, he said players should pay attention to the cute gestures from the girls, an areas that has been powered up.

In addition to a couple of conceptual images of the game, Konami made available a conceptual trailer, which you can see here:

The trailer shows Manaka Takane, one of the series' three girlfriends, asking you if you've heard about the 3DS. She discusses what "3D" means, then mentions the system's motion sensor and gyro sensor, saying "Hmm, gyro... does that mean you can tilt it?" She also mentions the increased resolution, and support for 3D photos via the system's cameras.

Towards the end, Manaka gets embarrassed as the player seems to approach the system. She says that because of the camera, the game can recognize the player. She asks that you not look at her so closely, as she can truly detect your face. Just as you're about to go in for a kiss, you're interrupted by some far off noise.

At the official site, the game's producer said that while they can't say specifics about the game at this time, the concept footage provides some hints to what we can expect from the game.

Project Love Plus for Nintendo 3DS looks like it will be one of the earlier 3DS titles, as Konami lists it with the popular Spring 2011 release time frame.


9/3 7:54 -- A previous version of this story mistranslated "rumors" as "lies" with regards to the game's StreetPass functionality. Producer Akari Uchida suggested that one possible use for the functionality would be for the girls to spread rumors to one-another.

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