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AKB48 Show Their Incredible Acting Talent in AKB1/48 Trailer

Namco Bandai gathers the girls to promote the upcoming love sim.


The girls of AKB48 -- well, some of them at least -- have gathered to promote Namco Bandai's upcoming love sim, AKB1/48. You can see the result here, courtesy of the AKB48 YouTube channel.

AKB1/48 is so named because you select one of the band's 48 members to be your girlfriend. When the game starts off, all the girls are in love with you, and you have to reject them in turn until you come to the one you like most.

In the promotional video, the girls begin by expressing doubts about being in a game where they get rejected by guys. Later in the video, you'll get to see clips of the girls confessing their love to you and hearing the news that you're not interested in them. Those are the videos you'll see when playing the game. The game has over 80 minutes of such footage, some filmed with slow cameras, some with special crane setups, and some featuring up to 50 extras. The game also has 10,000 still pics.

For all the frightening details read here.

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