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Beauty Clock Shown for 3DS

Is this the first 3DS Ware game?


The biggest news to emerge from yesterday's Nintendo Conference 2010 event actually wasn't Pokemon Typing. It was this:

Err... a 3DS version of that, actually.

The above shot is from the PSP version of Beauty Clock (aka Bijin Tokei), a clock app that tells time by showing pictures of hot girls holding signs with the current hour and minute. The company that makes Beauty Clock and its derivatives (like Beautiful Voice Actress Clock ... seriously... and Beautiful Guy Clock ... I'm not making this up!) announced yesterday that it's looking into releasing 3D Beauty Clock for 3DS. By the way, the name of the company that makes Beauty Clock is Beauty Clock.

Pics from the PSP version of Beauty Clock.

4gamer managed to sample a prototype version of 3D Beauty Clock at the press conference yesterday. The 3DS implementation shows the "clock" on the top screen with the profile of the girl shown on the bottom screen. The clock image is apparently in 3D.

As with the PSP Beauty Clock, the 3DS version is planned as a downloadable game. If I'm not mistaken (and I do hope I am), this might be our first 3DS Ware game.

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