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Gradius Goes Mobile as a Strategy Game

Konami's abandons shooting roots for new take on franchise in Gradius Arc.


Konami's Gradius series is following in the footsteps of R-Type and becoming a grid-based strategy game. Not for PSP, though. To play Gradius Arc: Legend of the Silver Wing, you're going to need one of those "cell phones"

In Gradius Arc, you customize your Vic Viper ship and follow an original story while challenging a variety of missions. The game's combat system is like a grid-based strategy title, as you deplete "movement points" to move your ship on battle fields against enemy ships that you'll recognize from the series.

There's somewhat of a social component here too. You can store other players who appear in the same base as you as "consort ships," or friends. You can then challenge the missions with these ally ships at your side.

The cast of characters who feature in the story.

Available today across all major cell phone platforms, basic play for Gradius Arc is free. Visit the official site for additional details.

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