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There's a Super Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary DSi Too

Nintendo forgot to announce a few of its other 25th anniversary products.


Nintendo announced the 25th Anniversary DSi XL system a couple of days back at its Nintendo Conference 2010 press briefing (causing great confusing for investors, it seems). But they left out one major bit.

It turns out that there's a 25th anniversary DSi as well. And unlike the DSi XL, it actually has an imprint of Mario on the hardware.

This limited edition system is priced ¥15,000 and will be released on October 28, the same day as its DSi XL counterpart. But there's a catch. You're going to have to buy it at Seven-Eleven, as it's exclusive to the convenience store.

Despite the exclusivity, Seven-Eleven is discounting the device ¥200 to ¥14,800.

While you're there, also pick up one of these.

It's a Super Mario 25th Anniversary Nintendo Point card! This limited edition ¥1,000 card will be available on October 8.

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