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The 3rd Birthday: Closed Theater Trailer Now Available

The Open Theater trailer has nothing on this! Aya Brea fans must watch!

We haven't seen wedding outfit Aya in a while.

Square Enix made available the Tokyo Game Show Closed Theater trailer for The 3rd Birthday today. Did the Open Theater trailer get you pumped? Well you haven't seen anything yet! Access the Open Theater trailer at the official site under the "trailer" section.

This one begins with an introduction to the background story, detailing how the Twisted first appeared in Winter 2010. CTI is formed to deal with the problem. The White House adopts Overdive as their trump card, and the only person who can use this is Aya, who's apparently lost her memory. We see Aya in the middle of a violent Twisted attack at a concert hall.

Hyde explains the concept of getting "Lost," where Overdivers can no longer return to their original body. This apparently happens when you die on the battle field.

After some initial battle footage, we see Aya complain about seeing a recurring dream. She says that she's been returned to her original time frame. We then get a glimpse at The Boss, who tries to shoot Aya (jerk!), saying that she's a monster who could betray you at any time. Hyde steps in and protects her.

There are some sequences that you'll recognize from the short version trailer, including Gabrielle, who says she'll loan you her body from three days prior and asks that you help Cray. In this expanded sequence, we get to see Gabrielle in a helicopter, apparently sniping enemies to protect Aya. Aya says, "Gabrielle, I'll borrow your body," then Overdives into her and takes control of the helicopter. We also get a closer look at the tank segment.

Look closely at the end, and you might even see the return of a certain special Aya outfit (and I'm not talking about the Lightning outfit!)

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