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Date Set for DS SaGa 3

Square Enix's next remake is due out in January.


Square Enix's January lineup got just a bit more crowded today as word leaked out from Jump that the DS remake of SaGa 3 is scheduled for release on January 6, 2011.

The SaGa 3 remake ups the classic 1991 Game Boy version's visuals to 3D and adds some new gameplay systems.

Outside of the release date info, Jump also provides a look at a mysterious character known as "The Wanderer." You'll encounter this mystery man at various points on your adventure, and while he'll help you out, his intentions are unknown.

Visit the official site for videos, including the Tokyo Game Show trailer in the "special" section and some battle videos in the "system" section. You can also view the TGS trailer here:

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