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Pac-Man Gets a 30,000 Yen Necklace

More 30th anniversary products from Namco Bandai.


These Pac-Man 30th Anniversary necklaces are priceless! Priceless!

Actually, they're not priceless. The one on the top is ¥6,800. The one on the bottom is ¥30,000.

The reason the bottom one is more expensive is because it's 18 carat gold and has three 0.005 carat diamonds. It's also limited to just 30 units.

The top one is made of Silver 925. It's being produced on an order basis.

Both are produced in Thailand. Thailand.

If it were up to me, I'd personally pay more for the top one because it's shaped like a Pac-Man sprite. But I'm just a poor video game writer, so it's not up to me.

You can find more details (in Japanese) in this PDF.

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