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Submarine Kid Saves the Day in New DSi Ware Game

Tom Create's latest low priced download hits next week.


Tom Create's latest low price DSi Ware game is Treasure Hunter: Adventure of Submarine Kid. The new game will be released on October 6 for the usual price of 200 DSi Points.

Submarine Kid isn't actually a kid, but a submarine named Kid (it has eyes and looks like a fish, but that's not important). You take control of Kid and collect treasure from the bottom of the seas. Your goal is to collect all the treasure and return it to your mother ship who awaits above the water.

You'll have to use torpedoes and missiles to take out creatures and enemy ships in front of and above you. There's also a puzzle element to the game, as you'll need to find hidden treasure, sometimes by unlocking doors with keys that you find on the sea floor.

Tom Create made available a video of the game's first stage at the newly opened official site.

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