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Date Set For New Super Street Fighter IV Costumes

Downloads to begin next week and continue through April.


Capcom made formal announcement of Super Street Fighter IV's new costumes at the Tokyo Game Show a couple of weeks back. Today, it at last provided a release schedule and pricing.

As previously announced, all 35 characters will be getting one new costume. Similar to the first set of costume downloads, the new costumes will be bundled together in sets costing ¥400 or 320 Microsoft Points depending on your platform. Once all the costumes are out, Capcom will release a bundle pack costing ¥2,000 or 1,440 MSP.

Here's the schedule:

10/26: Ultra Challengers Pack 1
Hakan, Makoto, Guy, Dudley, Dee-Jay
11/02: Ultra Shoryuken Pack
Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Goken, Dan
11/16: Ultra Beauty Pack
Chun-Li, C.Viper, Sakura, Rose, Cammy
12/21: Ultra Challengers APack 2
Juri, Ibuki, Cody, Adon, T.Hawk
1/18: Ultra Gowan Pack
Zangief, E.Honda, Rufus, Abel, El Fuerte
2/15: Ultra Shadaloo Pack
Vega, Sagat, Balrog, Bison and Seth
3/15: Ultra Classic Pack
Guile, Blanka, Dhalsim, Gen, Fei Long
4/26: Ultra Complete Pack
All 35

In case you didn't notice the pattern, the packs are the same as the original packs, put with an "Ultra" attached to the name. Of course, the included costumes are all totally new.

Capcom has thus far provided official in-game looks at 10 costumes. Five were shared last week. Five more are new. Here's a look at all 10:

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