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Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Closed Theater Trailer Available

Get a glimpse at Tifa, as part of a newly opened official site with a potentially awesome Final Fantasy history section.


Square Enix gave a full official site to Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy today. Yes, the site already had little bits of content before, but now it's there in full form, with sections for story, character, movie, DLC and information, none of it directly linkable because that would be too much to ask.

The character section has look at Cain, Lighthing, Warrior of Light and Garland. Of these, Lightning and Cain are new for the sequel.

For each character, you can click to view standard and "another" costumes. In addition to these two costumes, all characters will have a 3P costume. Lightning and Cloud are currently confirmed to have a separate download costume as well.

Which brings us to the DLC section. This just details the tie-ups with The 3rd Birthday and Kingdom hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix, but the fact that there's a full section might suggest that more DLC is on the way. This is something that Tetsuya Nomura hinted at in a recent Famitsu preview.

To the far left, you'll find a link to a section for beginners, which introduces the game's battle system, discussing such concepts as Brave Attacks, HP attacks, Guard & Evasion, EX Mode and EX Burst.

The main attraction right now is in the movie section, which now contains the game's Tokyo Game Show Closed Theater trailer. And unlike some Square Enix video players, this one had a pause button, allowing me to pause on unannounced newcomer Tifa:

Tifa: "Who are you?"

Sephiroth: "Your enemy. There's no need for you to know more."

Tifa: "So you're a Chaos warrior?"

Giant lettering: "SPRING 2010"

The Dissidia site is actually part of somewhat of a portal which has as its most notable content a history of Final Fantasy. For each numbered FF game (just FF1 at present), you'll find a list of platforms (right down to individual cell phone carriers), a set of impressive scenes, an introduction to the characters, and gameplay and monster recaps. There are videos too, so Final Fantasy fans will want to explore.

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