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First Look: Aya's Lightning Costume

Plus, the latest characters, including Eve, at The 3rd Birthday's official site.


It debuted in Jump many weeks back, but now the entire world can at long last get a look at Aya Brea's Lightning costume courtesy of the The 3rd Birthday official site.

Sadly, it's just artwork. Aya will be able to switch into the FFXIII hero's outfit during gameplay just like a standard outfit. It will tear up as she incurs damage, even showing Lightning's l'Cie tattoo mark, which is in a place you normally wouldn't be able to see.

The official site was also updated with profiles of three additional characters.

To the left, Karud "Boss" Owen, who we learned in the last trailer may not be a very nice guy. He's the head of CTI, the organization that fights the Twisted. While he was originally on a path to head up the FBI, he was temporarily placed as CTI's head following the Twisted invasion.

In the middle, Dr. Blank, a researcher in CTI's Overdive division and head of computer systems for CTI as a whole. His true nature is surrounded in mystery, but he's called Dr. Blank because his computer handle means "empty."

And to the right, Eve Brea, Aya's younger sister who's supposedly gone missing. It's unclear if she's involved in the Twisted incident.

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