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In-Game Lightning Aya Brea Shot

A tiny pic showing The 3rd Birthday with the Final Fantasy XIII heroine.


Square Enix shared artwork for Aya Brea's Lightning costume at The 3rd Birthday's official site yesterday. For an in-game look, we have to turn to the game's official Twitter, where director Hajime Tabata posted this pic earlier today:

Don't bother clicking on it, as that's as large as it goes.

Wrote Tabata, "Doesn't she look cooler than in Final Fantasy XIII?"

Here's a larger version of the artwork that someone ripped from the official site:

A couple of things aren't shown in either image. The Lightning costume will tear up just like Aya's other costumes. Square Enix hasn't shared an image of a tattered Lightning costume, but here's how far Aya's main costume goes:

Not showable in pictures, Aya Brea's voice actress will be changing her tone to match the current costume. In the Lightning costume's case, it seems to be generally agreed (not sure if it's official) that Aya and Lightning have the same voice actress anyway, so this could be particularly interesting.

Add in this Aya Brea costume for Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy's Lightning character and you have a nice circular collaboration that only PSP owners will get to experience later this year and early next.

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