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Team Final Fantasy XIII Discusses Missing Download Content and Future Developments

Could a FFXIII-2 sequel be on the way? Find out from Toriyama and Kitase.

The Ultimania Omega guide runs a full 511 pages.

We've been hearing little bits and pieces about download content that went missing from Final Fantasy XIII. Producer Yoshinori Kitase and director Motomu Toriyama shared some further details on this area of the game, and even provided some teases about future developments, in an interview that appeared in the recently released Final Fantasy XIII Ultimania Omega.

A FF Reunion reader provided a transcript.

Regarding the download content, Toriyama revealed that there were plans in place to have an area called Seventh Ark offering quest-like play with free battles. They ended up not going through with this because they were unable to reach acceptable quality, and also because of the great differences between the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 network systems.

Kitase noted that while implementing something like download weapons would have been simple, making something like the Seventh Ark area with its exclusive play style would have required that they clear a variety of restrictions. Rather than spending time for this, they decided that moving on to the next step should become a priority. He added that next time he'd make preparations for online elements and DLC from the start.

Elsewhere in the interview, the two discussed further Fabula Nova Crystalis developments, even hinting at a possible Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Kitase said that he wants to do something that will allow players to further understand the FFXIII story by better passing along the Fabula Nova Crystalis mythology and showing things that won't even make it into Final Fantasy Agito XIII and Versus XIII. Could this be a "Final Fantasy XIII-2?" asked the interviewer. Kitase responded that he's not sure -- it would depend in the end on fan reaction. Toriyama added "I'd like to at some point make a story where Lightning ends up happy."

It's unclear if this is related to the XIII-2 comments, but the interviewer asked if the Final Fantasy XIII team is working on its next game, and Kitase responded in the affirmative. Toriyama said that they want the next title to incorporate some of the things that they were unable to do for Final Fantasy XIII's download content.

Assuming they've started work on the new game, expect to play it at least within the next two years. According to Kitase, the staff is following a company policy of making games at a pace of one title every two years.

For a look at the Ultimania guide itself, visit this blog. The guide has over 200 pages of world setting drawings, even down to detailed images of the characters' glasses. There's a list of dialogue bits that you hear on the fields of play, a guide to the world's symbolic language, and a list of related goods.

The first area of the book is a set of storyboard illustrations from storyboard director Yoshinori Kanada, who died from a heart attack in July of last year. Following this is the message: "This book is dedicated to YOSHINORI KANADA with thanks."

Kanada's storyboards (left) and the field dialogues (right).

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