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Hideo Kojima's Snatcher "Smell Plan"

How the classic adventure title could have entered the fourth dimension.


Here's the wild idea that Hideo Kojima had for Snatcher (pictured above). He refers to it as the "Smell Plan."

When the original PC88 version of Snatcher was in planning, he had the idea of having the floppy disk coated with a paint that smells like blood. After being in the computer for a while, the disc would get hot, the paint would melt, and your computer would "release the smell of the crime scene."

Everyone opposed this idea, so Kojima now calls it the "Dead Smell Project."

Kojima had other ideas for taking games into the fourth dimension. Also in Snatcher, the Gibson character leaves you a dying message that says "Search the house!". In addition to smelling like blood, the disk's paint would have been made to show some characters when hot. When you took out the disk, you'd see Gibson's message.

Gibson's dying message might have been on your disk instead of on your screen if Kojima had had his way.

[Via Kojima's Twitter]

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