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Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater May Feature Street Pass

Hideo Kojima shares just one new bit at recent Nintendo Conference event.

Screenshot of the 3DS port/remake of Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater.

The Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater demo Konami had set up for last week's Nintendo Conference press event was just the loosely interactive "Naked Snake" demo from E3. But Konami did have one new bit of info to share about the upcoming 3DS remake of MGS3.

In a video message delivered during the press conference part of the event (as transcribed at Gpara.com), Metal Gear Solid series producer Hideo Kojima alluded to StreetPass functionality for the game. Said Kojima, "In Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater, we believe the feeling of actually hiding in the shadows and other such areas will have even more impact with 3D video. We're also looking into using StreetPass functionality for exchanging data with other players even when you're not playing the game."

Even though it's due for release in Spring 2011, possibly making it a launch window title for the 3DS, little is known about this new version of Snake Eater. The "Naked Snake" demo was directed by Kojima himself, but in a past Famitsu interview Kojima hinted that this may not be the case for the full game itself.

Also in that interview, Kojima said "MGS3's story can't change, so we're thinking of Co-ops, 3D and portable-like elements." StreetPass functionality would certainly qualify as "portable-like elements," and is one of the main services Nintendo was pushing at the press conference. Also at the econference, Capcom announced a StreetPass-based virtual fighting mode for Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition, and Konami hinted at StreetPass for the new 3DS Love Plus game.

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