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Microsoft Pushes Kinect Through Girl Band SKE48

Members of AKB48 sister band to form special "Kinect" group for original Kinect song.

Two SKE48 members team up to form the special Kinect group.

Microsoft announced a tie-up today with AKB48 sister group SKE48 for promotional activities surrounding the upcoming release of the Kinect hands-free gaming peripheral.

SKB48 members Rena Matsui and Jurina Matsui will be appearing in commercials for the device. These spots are scheduled to kick off today.

Kinect will be released on 11/20 on its own and bundled with the 360 in various forms.

Additionally, the two girls will be forming a limited time special musical group called "Kinect" and will sing a new song called "Two Roses." This will be included in SKE48's single "1, 2, 3, 4, Yoroshiku," which is due for release on November 17. The "1, 2, 3, 4, Yoroshiku" song will be used in a separate Kinect commercial that will air in November.

Kinect arrives immediately after the single, on November 20.

The collaboration announcement came during a press conference held on the 3rd at the Shibuya leg of SKE48's first national tour. During the conference, Rena, commenting on her play experience with Kinect, said "When I jumped, the me inside the screen jumped too. It feels like you're in the game and was very fun." Jurina revealed that pro wrestler Keiji Mutou will be appearing in the ads as well.

Visit Famitsu.com for photos from the event.

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