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First Final Fantasy Legends Free Scenario Available

Meet Barbara, the Last Dragoon.


Square Enix's original mobile Final Fantasy title Final Fantasy Legends got its first scenario update today. The Last Dragoon is now available for download, exclusively for iMode users.

The Last Dragoon is part of the game's Chapter of Light (as opposed to the Chapter of Darkness). It begins with Sol and his party arriving in a continent to the far West of Rukus following a plane crash. They visit the village of the Dragoons, who once controlled the skies. The dragoon forces have long since disappeared, as have their flying dragons.

Only one dragoon remains, Barbara. As a child, she was raised by the flying dragons. She'll prove a hinderance to Sol and crew.

The Last Dragoon is one of the game's "free scenarios." Amongst the free scenarios, players are free to select and download only the ones they want. The free scenarios focus on particular jobs, in this case the dragoon job. Clear the scenario, and you'll be able to use the job for yourself.

Individual scenarios run between ¥315 and ¥525. Square Enix plans one new scenario every month.

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