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Super Street Fighter IV 3D Has Pro and Simple Controls

Producer Yoshinori Ono shares a few bits on the 3D portable Street Fighter.


Just a tiny update on Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition courtesy of Dengeki Online.

The site played the game at last week's Nintendo Conference event. On the show floor, they stumbled upon producer Yoshinori Ono, who was good enough to share a few comments with them. Ono revealed a couple of things about the game's control system.

First, the game will offer pro and simple control systems. He did not provide specifics about the differences between the systems.

Ono also revealed that the bottom screen move panels will be customizable. Screenshots released at the event showed panels on the bottom screen for easily selecting things like Ultra Combo, Super Combo Strong, Rolling Attack and Back Step Rolling. The player will be able to freely place their preferred moves in these panels.

Separate from the Ono interview, Dengeki's reporter commented on the 3D behind-the-shoulder viewpoint the show demo revealed for the first time. The writer feels that the viewpoint matches the 3D display nicely. While he feels that those wanting to play true fighting matches will want to stick with the standard 2D view, he suggested that players at least give it a try.

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