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Sony Readying High Capacity PS3 DVR Bundle

Torne recorder to be included with 320GB system. Long USB cable on the way too.

Torne, shown to the left of the PlayStation 3. The device has been a hit since its release in March.

Sony announced today a value priced package for prospective PlayStation 3 buyers who'd like to make use of the system's digital video recording capabilities.

On November 18, Sony will release the PlayStation 3 HDD Recorder Pack 320GB unit. This limited edition package combines a Charcoal Black 320 gigabyte PlayStation 3 system with Sony's popular Torne digital video recording device.

The bundle will sell for ¥39,980. Separately, the Charcoal Black 320GB system currently sells for ¥34,980 (a Classic White version, announced at the Tokyo Game Show, is due on October 21), while Torne sells on its own for ¥9,980 (although it's widely available for a couple of thousand yen less).

In a separate announcement, Sony also said today that it will be releasing a 2.8m USB cable (Mini-B-A type). This is priced ¥500 and will be released on December 16. The cable that's included with the PS3 is 1.5 meters. The longer cable can be used in a similar capacity as that, for charging your controller and connecting to a PSP.

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