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Dream Club Zero: Things My Hostess Said at the Onsen

I can tell you from experience that this is exactly what it's like to get in the bath with a hot virtual hostess.


Dream Club Zero has lots of new date spots. Among them is a trip to the hot springs, where you'll be presented with some tough dilemmas:

  • 1. The bath is shared between you and your hostess
  • 2. There's only one bed

Here's how some of the hostesses will react when the realize that there may be more to the date than getting some pricey presents from one of their many, many, many clients.


Haruka: So, what you're saying is that they've mistaken us for husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend?


Amane: Wow, what a wonderful room!

Amane: Well then, I'll take a bath.

You: Strange... how come I can hear Amane's voice?

Amane: What the!?

Amane: Kyaaaaaaaa!?

Amane: Why are you here!?

Amane: Wait... is it a shared bath?

Amane: Here you go, have a drink.

Amane: I... get the feeling that you're staring at my chest.

Amane: What the... there's only one bed!


What these girls have to say is irrelevant. I swear the images in Dengeki showed one of the girls saying "Oh, you have alcohol. Well then, come on in." But that's not included in these screens.

When you head out to the hot springs and on other dates with the hostesses, they'll wear their street clothes (before taking them off for a dip in the bath):

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