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Capcom Brings Dead Rising, Virtual Arcade and Street Fighter IV Update to iPhone

Publisher makes major iPhone push later this year.


Following up on announcements made yesterday by its overseas branches, Capcom Japan detailed its upcoming plans for the iPhone/iPod touch platform today. The publisher is readying a portable version of Dead Rising, a virtual arcade, and an update to Street Fighter IV.

The new Dead Rising game, called Dead Rising Mobile, will be a 3D action game just like its predecessors. Players will have to pick up items scattered around the stage in order to deal with the endlessly attacking zombies.

The game will link up with Twitter and Facbeook. You'll be able to send out a "Help Signal" to other players. How your friends respond to this cry for help may have an effect on your next play experience.

Dead Rising Mobile is set for Winter release. IGN has a hands-on with the game with more details.

Before Dead Rising, iPhone users will be able to experience classic Capcom arcade gaming through the new Capcom Arcade app. This virtual arcade will be constantly updated with new virtual cabinets. When the app sees release, it will have Street Fighter II, Ghouls'n Ghosts, 1942 and Commando.

To play the games, you'll need to purchase tokens. Alternatively, you'll be able to purchase the cabinets themselves, allowing for unlimited play. The actual Capcom Arcade app itself will be free.

Capcom Arcade is due for release in early November.

Finally, some details on the next Street Fighter IV update. This is set for mid to late November. As with past updates, it will add a new character to the game. But it will also make some some gameplay changes, adding the ability to interrupt other players for challenges, and a new "player card" system which lets players exchange information.

E.Honda, the last iPhone Street Fighter IV update, was released in early September.

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