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Naughty Catherine Poster: Mega Size

So not safe for work it's not even funny. No wait, it totally is. Ha ha ha ha ha.


Want to make a full size wallpaper out of that naughty Catherine retailer poster (which it was recently determined isn't the game's box)?

Clicky click!

My image system places a cap on the image height. You can get a much larger version here.

Want to actually win the full B2 retail poster for yourself? Then do the following.

1. Follow @cathy__atlus at Twitter.

2. Tweet the following once you've filled in the circles with a phrase that you feel describes the Catherine game: 【アトラス新作】○○なゲーム「キャサリン」はPS3&Xbox360で今冬発売!#cathy_atlus

The three winning submissions will receive the poster.

The Catherine team is really running with this leg spreading thing. This is the top of the game's development blog:

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