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Square Enix Enters the Love Genre

New "Ultimate Kiss" label kicks off with cell phone game.


Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest maker Square Enix entered the love genre today, and it looks like they intend to have a permanent presence there.

The company announced today the start of a otome game brand called "Ultimate Kiss." This brand aims to deliver love and energy to all girls everywhere through girl-oriented romance games.

The first game to emerge from the label is Tobe! Mainhane Koukou Engekibu. This translates to Fly! Maihane High School Theater Club.

Fly! Maihane High School Theater Club is set in Maihane High School. The school's theater club lacks members and is about to be closed off. To ensure that the club stays alive, its members must win a performance tournament that's scheduled to take place in three months.

You play as a a female high school student who serves as the club's stage hand. One day, an accident during rehearsal leaves all members except for yourself injured. In this state, you've no chance of winning, or even entering, the big tournament!

After discussions with the club master, you decide to seek out replacement performers from around school to appear in the tournament. You yourself will serve in the play's heroine role.

The game includes four heroes for you to target with your affections:

Kazuki Hidaka
A 17-year-old former idol. Voiced by Daisuke Namikawa.
Hinata Kiryu
A 17-year-old former child actor. Voiced by Ryohei Kimura.
Chikage Kiyosato
A 16-year-old theater star. Voiced by Atsuhi Abe.
Narushi Tsukioka
An 18-year-old who's both kind and harsh. He heads up the script writing. Voiced by Hiroyuki Yoshino.

The game's illustrator is "Hidari," who's worked on such games as Remember11 and CroXino.

The gameplay side of Fly! Maihane High School Theater Club appears to be the typical conversation game stuff. Depending on your selections during events scenes, the favor the four boys have for you will change, leading to a different ending.

Tobe! Mainhane Koukou Engibu is a Flash Lite 2.0 cell phone game that's available for free off the Hangame Mobile portal. Square Enix will be making money off item transactions.

Visit the official site for more artwork and some wallpapers.


A previous version of this story incorrectly referred to this game as a "Boys Love" game. As reader Yuan commented, however, it's actually an Otome game.

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