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Disgaea 4: Sprite VS Sprite

See how Nippon Ichi has improved its sprite visuals for the new Disgaea.


Check out the sprites on Disgaea 4:

Disgaea 4's character visuals are shown to the right. The series' more conventional visuals are to the left.

One of the themes of the new PS3 entry in the series is to have illustrator Takehito Harada's characters move as they were originally drawn. That does seem to be what we'll be getting!

Here's an in-game comparison that Nippon Ichi sent out, showing Disgaea 3 (top) and Disgaea 4 (bottom).

Disgaea 3
Disgaea 4

You won't need to bust out Disgaea 3 to make comparisons yourself. Nippon Ichi says that you'll be able to toggle between the high res visuals and the more conventional art.

Nippon Ichi also shared some pics today of Disgaea 4's limited edition and various bonus items. The limited edition includes a Nendoroid Puchi figure, an art book and an original soundtrack.

As a pre-order bonus, buyers will get a Fron character product code. The card used for the code will itself feature a special illustration from Harada.

The game's first print run bonus item is a limited edition Disgaea 4 PR card for the Weiß Schwarz card game.

Also be sure and check out our new screenshot gallery for art and screens for the new instructor job, and many of the other new elements that have been announced for Disgaea 4!

The female instructor job.

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