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First Look: Kenka Bancho 5

Spike brings the latest entry in its street brawling series to the PSP.

The Menchi Beam returns on PSP this Winter. Main cha

This week's Famitsu has the first word on Kenka Bancho 5, and Famitsu.com has come through with first online screenshots.

Kenka Bancho 5 is set along a particular train line. Five schools and three teams are waging a turf war along this line.

You play as a third year high school student named Naoto Naruse. You've just transferred to Tsurume High School, one of those five schools. With your arrival, the turf wars heat up even further.

Compared to past Kenka Bancho games, Kenka Bancho 5 ups the scale. The game world is comprised of multiple wards, each with its own facilities and look. As you move between the regions, you'll encounter rival groups.

Main character Naoto.

All the defining elements from past Kenka Bancho games will be in here, including your Menchi Beam, used to stare down your rival before a fight. You'll be able to customize your character, changing clothing, hair style and even tattoo. As new elements, the game has group battles and even battles with students you encounter on the train when traveling between wards.

New elements for Kenka Bancho 5.

Developed by Bullets, Kenka Bancho 5 will see PSP release this Winter. Development is currently at 75%. The game will feature a theme song called Jack Knife by the group DOES.

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