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Shenmue Goes Social on Yahoo's New PC Service

First new entry in series in eight years, Yahoo and DeNA say in announcement.

A new Shenmue game has been announced... but it's probably not what you were expecting.

The third Shenmue game has been announced at last! Sega is currently developing Shenmue City for Yahoo! Japan and DeNA's new Yahoo! Mobage service.

Yahoo! Mobage is a PC-based social games service that saw its grand opening today. The service was running in beta since September 21. The name combines Yahoo!'s name with the name of DeNA's hugely popular "Mobagetown" mobile service.

Shenmue City was listed by Yahoo! Japan and DeNA today as one of the premier titles for the new service. A press release from the two firms says that Shenmue City is the first entry in the Shenmue series in 8 years and will be released this Winter.

The release refers to the game as "the third entry" in the series, although this probably isn't meant to mean that it's Shenmue III.

Shenmue City will feature alongside such games as One Million Person Ambition of Nobunaga from Tecmo Koei and Persona Social from Atlus on the new service. Yahoo and DeNA say they have over 100 titles lined up, including games from Electronic Arts' Playfish brand.

To sample Yahoo! Mobage for yourself, visit the portal site.


The original version of this story listed the game as a cell phone title. While the Mobagetown service is a popular mobile gaming service, this announcement concerns a PC service from Yahoo and Mobagetown operator DeNA. Tremendous apologies to both Sega and Shenmue fans.

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