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Wiimote Plus Hits on November 11

Controller upgrade arrives in five colors. Will be packed in with Wii as well.


Nintendo made brief mention of the new Wiimote Plus controller during last week's Nintendo Conference event. Today came the product's formal announcement via the Nintendo official site

Wiimote Plus, fully "Wii Remocon Plus" combines a Wiimote with the Wii Motion Plus attachment. The resulting controller is the same size as a standard Wiimote.

Nintendo will release Wiimote Plus on November 11, priced at ¥3,800. This is the same price as the current Wiimote on its own.

The device will be available in Shiro (white), Kuro (black), Ao (blue), Pink (pink) and Aka (red) variations.

Also starting on 11/11, Nintendo will be replacing the Wii pack-in controller with Wiimote Plus.

Nintendo will also release a red colored Nunchuck controller on 11/11. This will be priced ¥1,800, the same as the black and white Nunchuck devices.

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