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Nintendo Readying Special Mario Anniversary Wii

System comes with slightly arranged version of Super Mario Bros.

The special Super Mario 25th Anniversary Wii (sprites probably not included).

Nintendo made another big move in its continuing Super Mario Bros. anniversary festivities today. The company announced a special anniversary edition of the Wii console.

The Wii Super Mario 25th Anniversary Edition includes a red console and controller. But there's a slight difference on the inside too. Nintendo is preloading the system with a special version of the original Super Mario Bros. While the game is the same, a few design elements have changed. A screenshot at the product official site shows the coin boxes replaced with graphics showing "25." It's unclear if this is the only change.

This special Wii console will be released on November 11, priced ¥20,000. The system includes the following:

  • Wii System
  • Wiimote Plus (Red)
  • Wiimote Jacket (Red)
  • Nunchuck (Red)
  • AC Adapter
  • Wii Stand
  • Wii Sensor Bar
  • Two Batteries
  • Wii AV Cable
  • Wii Stand Support Plate
  • Wii Sensor Stand
  • Wii Cleaning Cloth

The included controller is a Wiimote Plus. As detailed in this article starting on November 11 all Wii systems will include Wiimote Plus in place of the standard Wiimote.

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