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Tales of Graces F: Meet Little Queen

Newcomer character features in epilogue sequence. Plus, the latest on what's new for the PS3 version.

Sophie meets a new character in the after story sequence Namco Bandai is preparing for Tales of Graces F.

Famitsu and Famitsu.com delivered their usual combo coverage to Tales of Graces F this week. You read about some of the new additions to the game in this week's Flying Get (you did read it, didn't you?). Now check out some screens to go along with the details, courtesy of a Famitsu.com preview.

The big introduction this week is Little Queen, an all new character who will be appearing in the after story section that's been newly added for Graces F. Screenshots show Sophie and Little Queen having an encounter in the "Other World Paradise" flower field that was previously introduced.

Famitsu also details a few other new content areas for Graces F.

You'll find additional sub events for your allies in the after story sequence. These include new voice recordings.

As with the original Graces, you can dress your characters up in costumes and accessories (referred to as "attachments"). Graces F has greater variety.

Graces F also adds new "hi-ougi" special attacks. Each playable character has one new hi-ougi. Famitsu introduces Hubert's Renverse Raison (I'm not sure about the Romanization of this -- the Japanese is "ランヴェルス・レゾン") and Pascal's Dream Strikers.

Not mentioned at Famitsu.com, but shown in the Famitsu article, Graces F will have reversible box art. You'll be able to switch the cover between these two illustrations:

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